From the Stone Age to the present day, no technology has had a more profound impact on mankind than watercraft. Boats and ships made possible the settlement and conquest of new worlds. They determined the victors of history-changing wars and aided the sp... read more

Fifty Ships that Changed the Course of History
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In 1916, a three-masted ship named Hero sailed under Norwegian colors out of the Elbe River in Germany. Loaded with cargo and ostensibly bound for Australia, she was in reality a German raider: the Seeadler, commanded b... read more

The Sea DevilThe Adventures of Count Felix von Luckner, the Last Raider under Sail
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THIS BOOK tells the story of the trans-Tasman shipping service from the days of the earliest steam ship service to the liner Wanganella's last voyage to New Zealand in 1963. The only Australian company to maintain a service across the Tasman Sea was ... read more

Wanganella and the Australian Trans-Tasman Liners
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In the era of commercial sail, clipper ships were the ultimate expression of speed and grace. Racing out to the gold fields of America and Australia, and breaking speed records carrying tea back from Chin... read more

Clipper Ships and the Golden Age of Sail: Races and Rivalries on the Nineteenth Century High Seas
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A nostalgic glance astern at the glory days of Peninsular & Oriental (P&O) both at sea and on shore. Drawing on personal recollections in the archives of P&O Heritage, Ruth Artmonsky looks back at the company during the age of empire and a bygone tim... read more

P&O: Across the Oceans, Across the Years
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From humble beginnings in the 1830s, The Peninsular & Oriental Steam Navigation Company grew to dominate British mercantile shipping for much of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Initially the company's paddle steamers carried Her Majesty's Mail, as the name impliese, to the Iberian Pen... read more

P & O
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Naming a boat is as personal as naming a baby (even if few male skippers would risk telling the wife that). The culmination of many years of dreaming and penny pinching, the purchase of a boat of any size is a huge event for any sailor, and wi... read more

Yacht Were You Thinking?: An A-Z of Boat Names Good and Bad
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The nuclear-powered aircraft carrier USS Enterprise (CVN-65) - Big E - was an icon of her time. During her 51 years of service in the United States Navy she lived up to her name and achieved many "first" and "only"... read more

USS Enterprise CVA(N) / CVN-65: The World's First Nuclear-Powered Aircraft Carrier
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The modern increase of piracy in the waters east and south of Somalia has led some commentators to call the area the 'new Barbary'. But what of the 'old Barbary', where from around 1500 to 1800 Muslim corsairs sallied forth to capture Christian ships?... read more

Lords of the Sea: A History of the Barbary Corsairs
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From the dawn of civilization man has held a fascination with the sea, and over the centuries has built myriad ships and sailing craft for an equally diverse range of purposes. This title provides a at-a-glance guide to more than 1200 of the most important ships from the earliest times onwards.

Ships: Visual Encyclopaedia
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New Zealand, a country ‘rinsed by the sea’, has a shipping story to tell as long and convoluted as its coastline. Thoroughly researched, with an eye for a good yarn but also with an acute sense of the shifting social and po... read more

Saltwater Highways: The Story of Ports and Shipping in New Zealand
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