The record-breaking records annual is back and packed with more incredible accomplishments, stunts, cutting-edge science and amazing sporting achievements than ever before. With more than 3,000 new and updated records and 1,000 eye-popping photos, it... read more

Guinness World Records 2018
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Now available in a compact mini version, this guide to all things Kiwi is written especially for tourists and new immigrants. Common Kiwi slang words, sporting codes, celebrations, famous inventions, and quirky facts and figures complete the picture.

Instant Kiwi (mini edition)
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Kei hea o putu whutuporo? Where are your rugby boots? Homai te ranu tomato Pass me the tomato sauce Kei te pehea te huarere i tenei ra? How is the weather today? Kei hea to mahi kainga? Where is your homework? Kati te whakaporearea i ... read more

Maori at Home: A Guide for Everyday Families
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'Words are not only tools; they are also weapons' The secret to being a truly Superior Person is to use really superior words. More impressive than a top hat, much more effective than a fist-fight, here are five hundred words to help you wigg... read more

The Superior Person's Book of Words
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This dictionary never gets left at home � it clips neatly into a student�s ring-binder folder. It is a solid, basic ready-reference for students aged 11 to 16.� over 20,000 headwords � word origins are provided if they shed light on ... read more

New Zealand Oxford Schoolmate Dictionary
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Some write-on content. Making a will is a vital and responsible task but is often put off because the process appears so complicated. "The Will Kit" sets out to change that. It itemises in clear, easy language what the reader needs to know about prepari... read more

The New Zealand Will Kit
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Malapropism - A word or phrase that has been mistaken for another, usually because of its sound rather than its meaning.Everyone has made the mistake of using a word or phrase that they think sounds correct, but in fact is not. Malapropisms make so... read more

Going to Hell in a Hen Basket
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In this original and highly accessible book, Peter Jones takes the reader on a fascinating journey along the highways and byways of Roman life and culture, telling the amazing stories behind the original Latin meanin... read more

Quid Pro Quo: What the Romans Really Gave the English Language
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The most irreverent and enjoyable book on language since Eats, Shoots & Leaves. Mary Norris has spent more than three decades guarding the New Yorker's grand traditions of grammar and usage. Now she brings her vast experience and ... read more

Between You & Me - Confessions of a Comma Queen
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Challenging Words for Smart People is not for everyone. But if you are heels-over-head nuts about language and have a passion for snatching significance from the mass data swirling around us, you will sha... read more

Challenging Words for Smart People: Bringing Order to the English Language
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Some people say scohn, while others say schown. He says bath, while she says bahth. You say potayto. I say potahto And- -wait a second, no one says potahto. No one's ever said potahto. Have they? From reconstructing Shakespeare's acce... read more

You Say Potato: The Story of English Accents
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This new combined Dictionary and Thesaurus ensures you'll always have the words you need at your fingertips. With matching dictionary and thesaurus entries on the same page, you'll never be stuck for words again! Collins New Z... read more

Collins New Zealand School Dictionary and Thesaurus
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