Architecture and Interior Design

This stunning tribute to New Zealand church architecture brings together early country churches, grand cathedrals and striking modernist designs in a unique survey of some of our most compelling landmark build... read more

Worship : A History of New Zealand Church Design
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Discover your inner stylist with the help of this gorgeous book that showcases creative ideas for every room. Drawing from inspirational New Zealand home interiors, stylist LeeAnn Yare and photographer Larnie ... read more

Rooms to Love : Style Inspiration for Every Home
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 Architecture and Interior Design

A glorious celebration of one of New Zealand's most significant residential architectural styles. If you live in a house built before 1940, chances are it's a bungalow. It may be small and utilitarian, or it may be a high-flown celebration ... read more

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HI-TEC ARCHITECTURE presents pioneering and exceptional architectural innovations, which have left their indelible mark on the face of international architecture. Over 40 spectacular projects illustrate the technical possibilities... read more

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 Finishing Touches is the book for encouraging everyday
kiwis to see and improve the beauty of their own home.
This practical interior styling guide is divided into eight
chapters. Ti... read more

Finishing Touches : How to find Grace in your Place
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A magnificent documentation of and tribute to New Zealand's wharenui, big and small. Bishop Muru Walters is a very well known Anglican minister. He is also a master carver, poet, broadcaster and former Mao... read more

Marae: A Journey Around New Zealand's Meeting Houses
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Luxury is displayed in different ways in the spaces illustrated. Elegance and distinction can be of a personal nature, but a high degree of excellence and quality in materials and decoration is what separates true luxury from meaningless opulence.

Exclusive Interiors
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Architecture is an all-embracing adventure without end. It is a story that can never be completed - not as long as mankind continues to build, to invent, to discover; it is the story told in this book. The histor... read more

A History of Architecture in 100 Buildings
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Two hundred and fifty years ago, a young architect by the name of John Carr began a glittering career by designing a grandstand at York Racecourse in England. This was not merely York's first grandstand, nor was it only the fi... read more

Racecourse Architecture
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Ecological Inspirations
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Jeff Speck has spent his career determining what makes a city work, and he has boiled it down to one essential factor: walkability. For urban life to thrive, cities must prioritize pedestrians over... read more

Walkable City: How Downtown Can Save America, One Step at a Time
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